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    Open Discussion of "Poly Women Respond"

    Welcome to Sean! Great! Sean, if you see this, welcome aboard! :) (By the way, while you're here, you'll find lots of great material in River's posts. You have a good friend in him. :) )
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    Open Discussion of "Poly Women Respond"

    What is Sean's evidence? River, Did Sean give reasons/arguments/evidence for his views? I'm wondering what sort of evidence he is calling on (even if only in his own mind) when he affirms his beliefs about women and poly. I'm also wondering what he thinks about the power of social...
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    Myers Briggs and polyamory.

    A study would be fascinating! I think it would be fantastic if you did a study on the population, Djinni! This is a fascinating thread, and it raises lots of intriguing questions concerning the relationship between poly and personality. For instance, why do INFPs seem to be much more...
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    new to the community

    Welcome Welcome! I'm sure that you will find many insights here. Incidentally, you may also find other people from Ohio (maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like there's a disproportionate number of people from Ohio here...). Anyway, again, welcome. :)
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    So glad that this forum exists

    Thanks, River! Thank you, River! I have to say, it's very easy to be open in a context like this - this forum has such a welcoming and hospitable feel to it. I'm kind of surprised at how comfortable I feel, actually, and how much warmth and affection I feel for various forum members, even...
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    Parable about responding skillfully to unwanted emotions Yes, River, thank you! Your post was helpful to me too, and I love the metaphor of the Venn diagram. I thought I'd offer a parable that's in the same spirit; it's a parable that comes out of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and it's...
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    possible clarification I've read this whole thread through three times now, and I think that there may be some misunderstanding in connection with the words "detachment" and "addiction". On the other hand, I may be way off; if you think I am, then just disregard what I'm about to say. :) In...
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    So glad that this forum exists

    Thanks! Thanks so much, Alan, both for your kindness and for the information you gave. You asked about a social support network - how I'd love to have a solid social support network! (For me, one of the hardest things about being poly, so far at least, has been a sense of isolation - one of...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    please don't feel guilty... CautiousLoops, Please don't feel guilty - you have nothing to feel guilty about. You haven't betrayed your partner simply because you're finding yourself with certain sorts of emotions. Keep reading the posts on this forum - you'll see that there are lots of...
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    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    great online name, questioningperson! Questioningperson, I really like your online name! Your post made me think of a passage that's often quoted in stuff I read (in the field of philosophy) - I thought I'd share it, just in case it rings a bell. It may not be what you're remembering, because...
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    So glad that this forum exists

    Thank you Thank you, TruckerPete and Feedhercandy - I really appreciate it! :)
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    So glad that this forum exists

    Hi All, I've been a fan of this forum for a while now. For a long time, I expected to just keep lurking in the background indefinitely - I tend to be a bit shy in the context of a forum, and I wasn't sure that I had much to share that would benefit others. But I at least want to thank the...
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    The Initial Conversation

    I sympathize MT, I completely sympathize with what you're experiencing. I've been going through a process that's very similar to the process that you've been going through. In my case, my husband and I ultimately decided to separate, so maybe our two situations will end up having very...