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    Cincinnati Awesome People

    I'm 2.5 hours away in Southern IN.
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    I don't know where to begin

    We went out for dinner and had a really good talk. We have a lot of work to do, but I think this is going to turn out for the best. I just have to be aware and respect my partner's slower process. I live in my world of wanting to put my foot to the gas and well--he's just not there. So I'll have...
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    I don't know where to begin

    It's been a while since I've posted. I've really missed everyone. So, back in February I was in a triad with my spouse and another woman. She had differing values about using protection and I ended it with her. He's still friends with her, although they are not romantically involved. My spouse...
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    Struggles With Nonmonogamy

    GalaGirl is wise. Doing something for the sake of somebody else to keep the relationship together is not really a good idea. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Sorry you are having a tough time.
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    polys in recovery?

    my sponsor has come around since i posted that. i think a lot of wanting her to accept me was just me not truly accepting me as a poly person. many things have happened since i've joined this forum and i'm in a completely different person.
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    About me? How about you?

    Poly female bisexual living in SC Indiana. About me: I love to nerd out about comedy, podcasts, Walking Dead, Dexter, Breaking Bad and True Blood. Old school country music makes my blood flow strong, but I'm down for all kinds of music. I'm a vegan foodie who can cook up a storm. I'm married...
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    Anyone in KY?

    I'm in SC Indiana (Bloomington) drop me a line anytime.
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    Well, yesterday we sat down together and he said that he would basically do anything to keep our marriage together, even if that meant I had other lovers, male and female. He said he'd think about it, but he was pretty sure that he was willing to do whatever to keep us together. I honestly...
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    My situation is kind of awkward right now. Getting ready to file for divorce. We still live together and share a bed, no sex. I don't want any with him. We had a "misunderstanding" about 5-6 months ago and things happened that were not agreed to by me. After that, I really never wanted to do it...
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    The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

    Just floatin' on that's about all I can do.
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    Word Association Game!

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    Sugarbooger checking in

    Hey Y'all, I lurked for a while and posted way back, now I'm back again. Things have changed quite a bit since my last post. I've realized I opened up my marriage for the wrong reasons, the hard way. Without launching a huge post, let's just say me realizing who I was as a queer poly person...
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    The Fantastic Victory Thread!

    OOOOps! No, I haven't been to many other threads. I have a limited time to goof off on teh interwebs. I'm sorry for starting another similar thread. Thanks so much for the love and support! I really do feel better.
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    The Fantastic Victory Thread!

    Hey Everyone, This is the spot where everyone and anyone can share how they made small victories in their new relationships. Thanks to many responses to my posts, I decided to set myself up for success and have company over when my spouse is with our lover. A couple of people said they were...
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    Family rules

    After starting the "Am I out of line?" thread, I was wondering about other poly families and what they have as rules when it comes to being ill and kids being ill. I'm pretty sure everything has been resolved, I just want to know what is reasonable and what isn't. For example, kids being sick...