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    Anybody going to BiCon or OpenCon?

    My wife and I will be at OpenCon for the first time, but just on the Saturday; too many other things going on for a full three-day trip. Our current partners won't be able to make it, but we'll be checking things out; maybe we can arrange for them to come along next year!
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    what? no uk peeps

    Oxon My wife and I are in Oxfordshire, and we're just starting on this path. More details at my intro post here. Cheers, everyone.
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    Personal Summaries

    Poly Newbies in England My wife and I currently live in Oxfordshire, England, have been married for 24 years, and are both nearing 50 (still a year out!). We truly are best friends, and it's a lovely marriage. During it, we have had one or two friends join in for brief dalliances, but nothing...
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    Sorry I didn't see this posting earlier; looks like it would have been fun! How did it work out? Will there be an Oxford PolyFest, then?