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    El paso Couple

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow Texan! :P
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    Thoughts on poly/mono relationships

    Ya know, I kind of had an issue about this subject the last time I visited Gray and Mono. I felt like I was monopolizing Gray's time and, even though I was only there a little over a week, I didn't want to be a wedge between her and Mono. Honestly, anyone but Mono and I wouldn't have had an...
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    Music And Musicians

    I've sang all my life. In my family, it's just what you do. Learned to play guitar when I was about fifteen. I'm not great, lol. I'm a rythym guitarist by nature. Nothing complicated, but I think I do all right. I play mostly Texas/Red Dirt country, but I jump genres pretty regularly. Basically...
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    It's like being in the closet..

    Welcome to the forum, PolyKat
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    Gaming and Gamers

    Ooh, I forgot about Magic. Oh, and my guilty pleasure... Pokemon. I can't not play it! I don't know why! Save me.
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    Evening, all

    Thank you :)
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    Gaming and Gamers

    Oh, that reminds me. Zynga games. I am addicted to Facebook games. Glitter dust reminded me, because CastleVille frequently makes me beg people for "glitter dust" and "fairy wings." Oh, the teasing.
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    Gaming and Gamers

    Magic Missile. Always Magic Missile.
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    Evening, all

    You're GLAD I'm here?!:eek: Give me a few days. I'll fix that :P
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    Hello from Texas!

    Howdy from Fort Worth. lol
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    Gaming and Gamers

    Well, being unemployed for about two years'll do that to your finances. Before that, I was the breadwinner, so I didn't spend a lot of cash on things for myself. All went to my kids.
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    Greetings from Jacksonville!

    Welcome to the forum. I'm new here, myself, but so far I don't hate anyone. Trust me, coming from me that means a lot! :P
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    Gaming and Gamers

    I started out on NES. Mario Brothers. My great-grandmother bought it for me while I was in the hospital recovering from spinal meningitis, so I had more than enough time to sit around and get nicely addicted. lol. From there I graduated to a Sega Genesis, then an N64, GameBoy Color, Sega Game...
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    Evening, all

    Thanks, gypsy :)
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    Bi Assumptions

    I'm a meme-aholic.. I admit it.