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    Helping Partner Live Thru Hard Part

    Yeah I am totally glad I went thru that pain before because it does help me be supportive and understanding. Its also validating and comforting to hear her say the same exact things I said and feel and fear the same things I did. Her fear shows me how much she doesnt want to lose me. Its also...
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    Helping Partner Live Thru Hard Part

    Thanks Ravenscroft. Yeah for me the choice for me would absolutely be to stay with her, no question. Poly would add to my life, but I wouldnt want it at the cost of losing the great thing Ive had for 25 years. And we still wouldnt be mono - she would still want to visit swing and bdsm clubs...
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    Helping Partner Live Thru Hard Part

    I apologize for grammar/abbreviation.. typing this on a phone... Asking for advice or probably more for empathy. *My wife and I have been together 25 great years and have just been starting to figure out this poly thing...we have played w swinging off and on for 10 years but that is easy...
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    What my kid shared the other day

    Sounds like a really nice moment. Really happy for you. Its great when kids make you feel that way and really special since its usually kinda rare. Yay for you!
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    Interesting thoughts. Sorry my initial post was so long, its just weird how multifaceted and different people's perspectives on this are. Mostly I dont flirt with intent, I just I flirt to be friendly with a whole range of people. But I try to do so carefully and respectively. I DONT flirt...
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    Trying to decide

    Yeah the conference was definitely a super open and positive atmosphere. Hung out the weekend after with another bunch of open liberal people for a training that were cool but that also highlighted to me some of the limitations to the openness and some subtlely judgy attititudes toward...
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    So Im thinking a lot about flirting these days and spinning it around all different ways... One angle is how consenual flirting is...Im thinking about this a lot for several reasons... Ive just had to help a woman where at work get access to higher ups in HR cause the system was failing her...
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    Trying to decide

    Ok - we are starting to call ourselves poly with a lot of enthusiasm and conviction now! After going to the poly conference I have to just say, I LOVE poly culture. I love the openness to everything - openness to multiple connections, less judginess toward casual sex, toward BDSM, toward...
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    Spending money

    Cool - thanks for all the great replies. We are definitely establishing different accounts now and I'm excited that it may help with both budgeting and independence. For budgeting I've read a lot on the internet of how having different pots really help track where your money is going and how...
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    Spending money

    So my wife and I have been slowly launching into poly, but after going to the Loving More conference we are both pretty excited about it. One thing we want to avoid is arguing over money. We are thinking about changing our finances around a bit and setting things up separate accounts for...
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    Rocky Mountain Poly Conference

    It was a great conference - thanks Spork for posting about it. Both my wife and I got a lot out of it. So many cool, caring and sex positive people. And so great to hear the genuine caring and great communication skills from people who have been doing it a while. Happy and well adjusted...
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    Thats great and you sound really excited and sound like you might be feeling a lot of NRE. Thats cool. Just something to think about is that your boyfriend might have some ups and downs and some moments of panic if he is like me... He may not have all the tools to handle it as well as he or you...
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    Hey there from Phoenix

    Welcome KGMlove. Im in a similiar situation to you. Very happy in current relationship but excited (and scared) about heading down the poly path. I visit Phoenix often and like it for 3 months out of the year. :) Good luck with things.
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    What you listening to Now :

    Pink Truth about Love album and the soundtrack to Hamilton the musical.
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    Thanks Perry for the very thoughful reply. You've made me realize I was being a little grumpy feeling like it was a little uncool of her to have a hard time with it for me given that its been something she wants, but you are making me realize that the two are different and its not really about...