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    Ireland's Polyamory Community

    Hi Iman, I'm not aware of any other poly groups in the country. I know Dublin meetings are not ideal for some people. However, we do sometimes have people who travel from Cork, Galway and the North to be at the meetings. For those who can't make the meetings, the discussion boards are a...
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    Ireland's Polyamory Community

    Hi everyone, Did you know that Ireland had a wonderful polyamory community? It's true! We have regular meetings and occasional socials (movies, picnics, hikes, etc). Anyone in Ireland - whether visiting or resident - is very welcome to attend. We love new visitors, always a rich experience...
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    what? no uk peeps

    Irish Polyamory Community Hi guys, Let it be known that we have a thriving poly community over here in Ireland. Anyone traveling is welcome to come to our meetings (once/month) or contact me or anyone else to meet for a coffee, a hike or whatever. Everyone is welcome. In fact, please join...