I submitted a post, but I can't see it. What happened?

If you are new to the Forum, with fewer than five posts, your post may have been caught by the spam filters. If there are hyperlinks in your post, or if it's long, it increases the chance that the filter might have picked up your post as spam.

If this is the case, it will require a moderator to clear the post. We try to get to them on a routine basis, but that could still mean 12 hours or more before one of us might get to it.

Please, don't keep posting the same thing over again...it'll just look like more spam. If you are concerned about it, or if it's taking too long, or if you just want to make sure we don't ban you by accident (not entirely unknown to happen), then you can send a PM to one of the mods indicating that you are waiting for a post to be approved.