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  • Hi, I just saw your message. Sadly I don't really have any suggestions for great reading materials. If anything just general books on processing grief, as well as books on processing the end of relationships are a good start.

    If you read blogs much, there's a blog called that is really good and you might find some great articles (the woman that authors it is both poly as well as in D/s dynamic relationships).

    When I was dealing with the loss of my relationship and dynamic I searched Fetlife for some articles and things, and came up pretty empty handed. That was why I was so happy to finally find a local group that was having a class on it. Being able to discuss and process things verbally with friends was also a big help for me.

    I'm sorry that you're struggling with the likely end of a dynamic. I know how hard that is. I can tell you though that the grief DOES get better and lessen. If that is of any comfort. But don't be afraid to just grieve for a while.
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