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    The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

    Went on a date with wife, gf, and gf's fwb. Was awkward but had a good time! Other than that, swimming in NRE, scared and thrilled out of my mind!
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    Coman- There is actually 2 meetups I know of. The Boulder poly meetup (every week) is mainly younger folks dealing also with GLBT issues, (but is loaded with drama right now). The Denver poly meetup (monthly and is this week) is full of older adults and professionals that are more experienced...
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    What did you do today that made you smile?

    ^^^Dammit, I came here to say that... Okay, I teased the wife. That always makes me smile. :p
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    Word Association Game!

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    Polyamory in television shows

    Wife watches that show a lot. I saw that episode about a month ago and the whole time was thinking "please don't be the wives, please don't be the wives"... I did like the bickering and jealousy issues, as I would think that's a normal part of the life. From Booth's limited point of view...
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    Polyamory and Christianity

    LR- Whenever you (or anyone else for that matter :)) find yourself in the Denver area. :D Fidelia- Now's as good as any! Personally, I'm finding it a complete yet exhaustive text. He really doesn't leave *any* examples from scripture out, so about halfway through most chapters I'm...
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    Denver open-invitation

    Denver meetup group is alive and well! Went to the Denver meetup group last night at Red&Jerry's. Fairly large turnout (around 50 people, 18 of which were new). After opening business it split off into new and experienced discussion groups. Great group of people, and I think I recognized...
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    Polyamory and Christianity

    In half seriousness, I don't think there can be peace in the middle-east until all parties (us too) can sit down to an old-fashioned southern BBQ.:) In full seriousness, MrFarFromRight - I would suggest that you read through Divine Sex. I'm on chapter 6 now, and by this point most of my...
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    What did you do today that made you smile?

    Wrapped up a very big project at work. Like a huge load just fell off my shoulders... :)
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    Polyamory and Christianity

    :rolleyes: No kidding... ES takes a little bit to get going. I had your reaction after the first chapter, but it picked up. It's basically an exhaustive introduction to the lifestyle full of practical advice and personal accounts. I found it very useful in some parts and not all that helpful...
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    Looking for Poly Relationship

    Hey, I'm not in the best shape and am a weirdo. Welcome to the board!:D
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    What you listening to Now :

    My wife's laptop fan. It's so quiet.
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    Polyamory and Christianity

    Catbird: Nice to meet you too! As Magdlyn pointed out, Paul essentially made the greatest of all foods accessible to Christians. He also tends to give me the greatest conflicts in reading the Bible. Jasminegld: I usually try not to do ad hominem, seriously. :p . I meant it from the...
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    We found that simply talking about it strengthened our relationship as well. Now we're just...

    We found that simply talking about it strengthened our relationship as well. Now we're just trying to get up the courage to take the next step. We're both excited and nervous at the same time!
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    Did your comfort with poly come gradually or in an epiphany?

    Epiphany for me, gradual for my wife. To me it's as though all-of-a-sudden I knew I wasn't damaged or broken anymore. For her it seems like it was a door to a whole new world she walked by every day and only now opened.