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  • Hi Chamomile, Good to hear from you, I am glad you are happier. As for sports, I wasn't big on them, but beer, a baseball game, bullshitting and the wife in lingerie changed that. As for MFM, we love them, even me. We looked for a bif and had no luck. my wife said Hey what about trying a mfm? we did, it was great, men have a desire to with pleasing and we don't enjoy it as much. Or we don't think of our partner as much. Back up cock is great, their are times I was tired from work and our friend get her going and taken care of... I could be greedy for my own pleasure with no worries of Dani with an attitude. Go slow, respect him and have fun, Bob
    Hey Chamomile, you are at the first hurdle, seeing someone you love having sex with another. I was a little jealous at first, but we had our first mfm and the guy said to me, imagine you are at a porn movie and you have the best seat in the house. I did and watching her get it was so erotic. It took some time but now we get excited when the other has sex. I love being second with her, she is intensely hot, BTW we are in a committed 3some with another guy so bareback is ok. And she gets wet when she tastes another woman on me. You would be right if he lavished attention on another woman and ignored you, but guys are just big little boys with a new toy, and what guy doesn't like two women? It makes us feel bad ass.... wait until you have a mfm and the guys are talking sports or work and you are naked and ignored. Take care and good luck Bob
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