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    Wide Awake

    Almost four years since since I last posted...whoa. Thank heavens for password and username storage. Well, clearly I’m still breathing and living. Matt and I are still happily married. I think I can safely say I have been to hell and back, but I’m fighting fit. Lots of changes relationship wise...
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    Wide Awake

    Hello, hello, hello! I have not been on my blog in almost four months. First and foremost, thank you all for the congratulations. The bub is doing well and getting bigger every day. I am still exclusively breastfeeding. I am pro-extended breastfeeding, so if nursing extends until she is 2-3, so...
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    Religious Bullies

    I only had certain issues after revealing my "alternative way of living." I did not put the pieces together immediately, but looking at a timeline and the shift in attitudes towards me, it is obvious why I was excluded. It dawned on me one night while at bible study, and the evening's speaker...
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    Religious Bullies

    I am going to preface this by saying: organised religion irks my soul. I make no secret that I walked away for years because it was stifling and killing me inside. I stopped believing. I do not consider myself a Christian, and I do not consider myself saved. I do not pray because it feels...
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    How do I even start to explain??

    I do hope counselling works out for you both, and I hope you continue on your journey and path to self-discovery. Emotional affairs are quite damning, but it was not your intention to hurt your husband. I would implore you to grieve/mourn what you are losing or have lost with your friend. At any...
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    Tales from the Time Share Wife

    Congratulations. :D
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    Wide Awake

    Good morning. Just a check-in. I am in between nursing, so this will be brief. I was safely delivered of a baby girl. I really thought we would have another boy. I went into labour on the day of my baby shower. I woke up in the early hours of the morning, and I was in a wet spot. I immediately...
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    Phy's story - As you like it

    Good to see an update from you, Phy. There is never a perfect time to have children. There will always be something going on. As they get older and more independent, it will get easier. Enjoy all those developmental milestones and precious moments. The time flies by so incredibly fast. I am glad...
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    Wide Awake

    :) Indeed! I am just going to say yes, but the answer is technically no. I cannot chalk this up to feeling ill because even on good days, I was still procrastinating and highly unmotivated. I could drive by a baby store and say, "Oh, I will go there later." Later is now, and I am still not...
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    Wide Awake

    It is coined as "acute morning sickness," but that is an insult. It is the pain in the arse formally known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or simply "HG." I have encountered people who have had HG, but Lord, now that I have experienced it, I would not wish this on my worst enemy. The first three...
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    Wide Awake

    Just a quick check-in. I am doing okay. Heavily pregnant and bloody miserable with unwanted bouts of kick arse morning sickness. Scratch that. All damn day sickness. I am due this month, but the end seems incredibly far off. :mad: I am officially on maternity leave, and I am going bonkers...
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    Trust broken, help sought!

    If your husband is not interested in fathering a child by her, that is perfectly acceptable. Neither of you owe any explanations for that. He was upfront and told her, and she chose to stay and continue pushing the issue. It does not sound like you or your husband hit her with this out of the...
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    Simultaneous NRE

    Congrats on the new granddaughter. I hope the new mummy is doing well and enjoying motherhood. Happy Anniversary as well!
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    Asexual Poly?

    Q: Is poly about sex? A: For me? Absolutely not. I would be perfectly content not having sex. The relationship with my ex had been sexless for the last several years we were together. I never missed it. Q: If you remove the sex, do you just have friendship? A: Not in my life. Q: Can polys have...
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    Pet peeve: "sleeping together"

    Woo-hoo from the Sims. How could I forget that one? That one is pretty silly. Buff the muffin was on a telly show. We could say that around our children, but Eis would repeat it. I can hear her telling people, "Daddy said he needs to buff the muffin." My BIL referred to my baby as a hump...