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    Vicki's Journey Continues...

    re: Birthday Plans Or maybe, she's like me and doesn't give two hoots about her birthday...thinks it is just another day to be grateful to be alive, and would be thrilled to be invited to your party so she doesn't have to pretend to deal with it in any particular way (while having the excuse of...
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    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    There are a few other relevant things going on that I can't post about on a public forum. But I, and MrS, are safe and good. My main stress is work related - last week I told my boss that if the situation didn't improve that I would have to go part-time. The REAL parts of my job I enjoy and...
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    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    My (Bi)Sexuality I have brought up in two (unrelated) posts today that I am extremely selective about my interactions with penises (penes?) and am now thinking about what that means in terms of my sexuality. I identify as bisexual (not pan - another struggle to be discussed another day) but...
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    Wife fell in love with her friend. Now we're talking about making a triad.

    Female friendships are often seen as "different" in our society - we are "allowed" to touch each other, hug, and sleep in the same bed without it necessarily being seen as sexual in ways that men are not. Deep (open-mouth) kisisng seems to be a boundary-crossing activity, as well as touching...
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    Hey, formerly mono couples opening up to polyamory

    I like the new article as a simpler explanation of the complexity of a triad. If people digest that and want more details we can follow up with the UH article. I think an important take-away from either of the articles, that is kind of only mentioned in passing, is that every single...
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    Just moved back to Toronto

    I just need to know if your username is a Jay and Silent Bob reference. (I am nowhere near Toronto)
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    Personally on the KTP to separate parallel spectrum, I am agnostic. Anything from cohabitating to not knowing more than a nickname and emergency contact number is on the table. I know that I prefer NOT to know sexual details and very personal info that only the person they apply to has the...
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    Re-entering the poly world with an ex

    How exciting! I have a few former lovers that I wouldn't mind connecting with again...and a few potentials that didn't come at the right time or place that I would give another go. (I wouldn't call them "ex"s because we didn't break-up, we just ... didn't go on.) I do think that it good to...
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    Literally saving the world with poly

    I have to say that I agree with the consensus, but it was a fun thought! :devilish: If I manage to find the threads I'm talking about then I will Post and Link as you suggest. I've been reading everything posted on this site since I joined in 2012 AND have gone back and read most of the Blogs...
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    Literally saving the world with poly

    Well, not ALL of them, more of a "Best of..." :p
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    Help with insecurity

    From subsequent posts it seems as though your experience in the past was you having platonic dates with other women. Correct? If they have a date than involves a hotel room and sleep over, I would assume that sex is going to happen. Why would talking about divorce strategy make this better...
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    Literally saving the world with poly

    If you simply must know, he did give it away later in that same post(#25) (bold is mine): I'm just sorry that I won't have the opportunity to see his reaction to my scathing roast that I was was REALLY good too! Guess I will just have to wait for the next one...
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    Oh fuck… (where did the time go?)

    Oh my, yes! I have been noticing this more and more (as I get older and older >grin<). I always meant to retire early, and I will - but now part of the draw is to see if I can slow down time just a bit! I also think that, aside from my own aging, the acceleration of information accessibility...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    I started my first blog here over 11 years ago. I don't write much anymore but I do stop in fairly frequently to check in on how folks are doing. I enjoy reading about your plans and projects. You have so much energy! My domestic life proceeds at a MUCH slower pace - it took me 10 years to...
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    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    I unsubscribed from all of my dating apps - I was ignoring them because they seemed like more work than fun. I am still open to meeting people in real life but I am not up for the work of trying to establish a relationship with a stranger. Still hooking up with MrClean on a regular basis...