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    When to disclosed mental health issues to new relationships

    Since my partners and I have been friends going on 5 years now, both are very well aware of my mental health issues. Both have been very supportive. If it were not for the both of them, I would not be as open as I am about my issues and learning how to deal with them. Because of them, I have...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    My Poly relationship just kinda happened. I knew next to nothing about being in a Poly relationship before this. The three of us have been friends for four years going on five years. It's amazing how much we have in common. As a result of this, I have done a lot of research as well as...
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    Both my partners have religious parents.

    I was raised very strict back woods (my words) Southern Baptist and no one in my family would understand that I have chosen to live my life in a poly relationship. I would never open a conversation with my family about this. To me, it's just not worth the headache. The three of us are very...
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    New Here

    We do go and do things together. Went to a movie Saturday night. We love riding motorcycles and trap shooting. We have several things plan for the summer. It started out with teasing each other but never acting on anything. Once I started to open up more to them about myself, we started...
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    New Here

    Thank you for the reply. This is my first poly relationship and wanting to learn everything I can to help enrich our poly. Will be asking lots of questions.
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    New Here

    Hello everyone. I am single and in a poly relationship with a married couple I have known for many years. I do not live with them but have my own household. I am hoping to learn how I can enrich our poly experience.