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    Mono, New to Poly and need a little help would be a beautiful life if we all aged the same, at the same time, in the same place in our relationships. But alas, we do not. There is nothing more nerve wracking than a spouse who is not on the same page or moving at the same time. Been there, done that. IMO, many a...
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    Mono, New to Poly and need a little help

    Hi Aussiekate......I haven't been active on this site since.....well.......since my divorce nearly 5 years ago. I can very much appreciate where you're coming from. I can also appreciate where your husband is coming from and what he is feeling. Some people are just so locked in to the monogamy...
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    What Are We Labeled As?

    How about "lucky" ?
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    Thanks for sharing your latest Mono.....always great to hear how you are all doing. A great thing to see when people are willing to take chances like you all have, work hard and come out on the brighter side of things. I know all too well it's a tremendously hard journey and you three continue...
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    How to have and maintain healthy relationships

    Excellent post RP. Tough questions indeed. Person A gives 100% for 25 years. Person B gives 100% 10 years. Persons A and B develop other interests. Life happens. Shit happens. Needs go unmet. Affairs happen to meet needs......and on and on and on. How many times have we all seen/heard/done...
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    Our First Poly Event

    You could always be the "let me show you the door"
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    Our First Poly Event

    Maybe I'm a little out of touch with some polys, but is it customary to start making out with some chick the first poly event you go to? Whatever happened to a meet and greet, learn a little and make a date for some other time? Do we all now move right into the next make out chick at our next...
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    Just been asked to join a poly relationship...

    Crisare, you are dead bang on away, run away fast.
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    Hi everyone!

    I still say there's something in the water way up there in Canada!
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    Taking a Step Out into Something New

    Enjoy the forum, it's a great place.
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    Hi newbie here

    Welcome to the forum......don't see any reason as to why there would be any discrimination toward you here. There are so many open minded people on here for you to converse with.
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    Congratulations to mono and redpepper

    Absolutely awesome for all of you! You all have my sincerest wishes for many, many more years of love and happiness.
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    That's wonderful Mono.....I couldn't be happier for you, brother.:)
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    Glad you all had a great time guys. Happy Birthday know, I bet you can get a job in Vegas, taming those two tigers of yours RP;).........
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    that "new" feeling with my husband because of my new boyfriend.

    LR......yes a "family" has a wonderful sound and feeling to it.