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    Would like to explore and learn. Cornwall based x

    We love NZ too unless we're facing them in rugby !!! Yep plenty of corn porn here in Australia. We have all fallen for the little portside villages in the soaps and the documentaries that promote every inch of England. Just saw something on the walk that follows Hadrian's Wall. The Pennine Way...
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    Curious about a Poly lifestyle

    This is a wonderful post for us newcomers to poly. I'm a bit over fifty as is my wife and we think that forcing ourselves into specific relationship shapes will only end in heartache and just won't feel right. It's got to come from somewhere else than our brains. Thanks for sharing !!!
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    Did you find what you were looking for? I hope you did...I'd love to hear how it all goes.

    Did you find what you were looking for? I hope you did...I'd love to hear how it all goes.
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    Can you make a woman with a disability's dream come true? (Melbourne Australia)

    I love the idea of a live in house full of compatible interesting poly people. You may have seen a wonderful movie about Virginia Wolf and the Bloomsbury Circle set in the English countryside around the time of the second world war - the movie is called Living in Squares. This appeals to my wife...
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    Needing support

    Dear Carmina, My response is given with love and compassion. I believe a really good counsellor could be help you. You have so much to contend with right now and there are patterns there that are worth sharing safely with someone who knows about these things. May you find peace amongst it all...
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    I'm desperate to discuss this video on poly with other poly people -- it's the most incredible argument for poly I've ever seen (feminist angle)

    Why are we only offered one model of relationship? suits the neo conservative agenda. It's expected. Marriage is institution and not necessarily relationship. I can an unhappy place. I watched the whole thing. Thank you for sharing.
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    Hello from Blue Mountains Australia

    Thanks Evie for to your message. I used to have a Face Book account but dropped it a few years ago. I should get it going again. Your relationship shapes sound fantastic. This is very new to both of us. I don't know where it's heading but we both agree that even just talking openly and honestly...
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    Hello Htv2021 and thanks for posting your very interesting story. I wonder how much we are all contained by narrative. It's so nice to hear people realising they are different and coming out, when it's safe to do do. Each one of these posts is a wonderful gift to the rest of us. Warm...
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    Howdy, y'all!

    Great post Halo of Fire and thanks for sharing your story. Detailed posts like yours give the rest of us something to reflect on and to test our own ideas and beliefs. What is true for me? What are my processes? How do they intersect with others? I wish you every success in developing your...
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    Would like to explore and learn. Cornwall based x

    What a great post and yes you're on the wrong side of the world. Couple of nature living people here in Australia reaching out to say hello. Good Pagan community here. We're foragers, growers, creators, philosophers. Keep posting. You'll find your community in time.
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    ⭐ Looking for my TRIBE ⭐

    I really enjoyed reading your story JEM and thank you for being so vulnerable. What a gift to us all !!
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    Hello from Blue Mountains Australia

    Hello fellow poly folk. I'm looking for other poly people to chat with. Please reach out if you feel there might be a connection. I am 51 and my wife is 50, married happily for fifteen years. The kids have gone. We are still young. We'd love to find friends in the poly community who share our...