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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    Sending some hugs your way Kevin, if you like.
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    Spam getting worse...

    Is EMM ok? No activity this year that I could find. Deleting spam wasn’t technically difficult when I did it (under old system). It was tedious though.
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    There is apparently a way to set aside certain memories from being shown again on FB. I haven’t used it so don’t know it works exactly.
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    Ugh so weary of media companies thinking ethical non-monogamy (of which open relationships are a subset) is only couples. It’s just so dull. Also what about major extra terrestrial broadcasters?
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    I always enjoy your updates - for what that is worth.
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    Not Dead Yet!

    TinyDog passed away last week. He had a long term heart problem that got much worse quickly. I miss him so much. TinyCat is being extra cuddly which is really nice. Oh it’s hard to have elderly pets. I knew this was coming but that doesn’t make the grief any lighter.
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    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Oh Jane, I am so sorry.
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    I’m sorry Kevin. It’s so hard when pets are ill.
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    Real Voices of Poly (Podcast)

    I listen to Multiamory quite a bit. It’s one of the best relationship podcasts, not just poly or ethical non-monogamy podcasts. I’ve learned a lot from listening to it.
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    Congrats Eddie!
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    Not Dead Yet!

    Kevin, Thank you for the well wishes. I also am pulling for you and yours to get through this time. Yes, indeed. It’s scary.
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    What precautions are you taking against the coronavirus in your poly networks?

    I'm self-isolating at home and only going out to walk the Tiny Dog and get essential supplies. I have diabetes and high blood pressure so am at higher risk for complications from COVID-19. I tell you I'm so grateful I have Tiny Dog and Tiny Cat. Both are in good health and keep me company. My...
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    Not Dead Yet!

    Thought I'd give an update. I'm self-isolating at home. I have some chronic health conditions that put me at higher risk of complications from COVID-19 so I am attempting to limit contact as much as I can. My parents are elderly and also have chronic conditions. Fortunately they are taking...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    I’m sorry Bluebird. It took me a long time to recover from the end of my marriage. Be gentle with yourself.
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    When and how to tell your crush you're poly

    I am not out at work for many reasons. But I have never dated a coworker and I doubt I ever will. Too much possibility of things going very badly, if things go badly. Way too much risk for me. So I personally don’t recommend dating coworkers. I do suggest thinking a lot about risks. Decide...