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    Trials and tribulations

    My advice is therapy for both of you. If she's unwilling to go, go alone. Preferably with a sex positive, poly friendly therapist. It's unfair and unrealistic of her to drop the poly bomb, immediately start another relationship, and then expect you to just adjust. She is being incredibly selfish.
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    Your problem isn't with his affair partner (and to be clear, that's what they are since neither you nor her husband consented to their relationship.) Your problem is with your partner... he is the one that you made agreements with, not the woman he's cheating with. You feel betrayed and...
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    Everything About Rooster

    It looks awesome! Post a pic when you're all dressed up? :)
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    In dire need of advice.

    Honestly, it sounds like he could be an alcoholic. If he is an alcoholic, the unacceptable behaviors are unlikely to stop until he gets help for the drinking. (My ex husband is an alcoholic/addict.)
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    You've certainly had your share of medical problems in your polycule lately! I hope this takes care of Mr Moonbeam heart arrhythmia. I had a friend who had the procedure about 10 years ago... it worked for her! Sorry about the covid scare :( we do the same here. If exposed and vaccinated, get...
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    Effective communication

    I, personally don't disagree with your assessment of the gf. But, at the end of the day, it's more helpful to the OP for him to understand his part in what went wrong. We can't change other people but we can change how we communicate, whether we seek help for our own issues, and our own...
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    Needing support

    I agree with Ariakas, my ability to feel compersion does depend on how secure I feel in my relationship with that partner, and how well my wants are being met. Also, in my experience, in a healthy KTP set up, I can feel compersion for my partner and my meta pretty easily. It becomes trickier if...
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    Sailing Solo

    I'm really sorry, Atlantis. It has to be so hard to have no closure with Mr Green's death... and then to lose Mr Prof so close together :( On the estate, my experience is that it can really depend on the attorney and CPAs, too. Two relatives passed away in recent years with similarly sized...
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    In the garden

    Oh no, I'm sorry, Evie :( I hope your kitty shows up soon.
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    Vicki's Journey Continues...

    I agree. I think we should stick to requiring appointments and ship all the excess to countries where cases are surging. I also think it's insanity that some states are doing lotteries for vaccinated residents, giving away scholarships and millions of $$. We are an entitled lot here in the US.
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    Talking it out

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Crash course Dom for idiots

    My suggestion is to see if there are any kink spaces or communities near you. If so, some of them offer introductory classes. It's not something you can just jump in feet first, imo. At least not if you want to do it safely and ethically.
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    Crash course Dom for idiots

    I don't know what kink communities you're involved in, but from my limited experience in the kink community near me, that is not at all true.
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    The Adopted Thread

    Thank you for sharing your story, Evie. I am not adopted and can not imagine how that feels. I do have one poly partner (who is much more poly than me) who is adopted. Their story is not mine to share, but it is easy to see why they have had insecure attachments in the past, given their...
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    Any advice for a single guy

    OPP can also be problematic if the rationale behind them is that the same sex relationships are less threatening because they aren't "real" relationships. Sadly, there really are people who believe this. I've encountered a few.