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    Just Married! Yay! Wife is Poly? Boo!

    Shouldn't you have planned a future BEFORE getting married?
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    Interested in pursuing Polyamory yet afraid. Need advice/support

    Eh, you might have lost your opportunity on this one. It's possible that you can still encourage him into this, but it will take patience and understanding.
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    How do we deal with differing needs?

    Sounds like first off you have an extremely healthy relationship Awesome. However, it sounds like it's almost been TOO perfect. You're literally having to IMAGINE problems If I were him, I'd be super frustrated at the fact that I was being an awesome boyfriend, yet it still wasn't enough...
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    Something is bugging me about Sweet Lady

    Than this is just really weird...
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    Something is bugging me about Sweet Lady

    She's probably afraid you'll kick her out if she admits the truth. You say it's only Bud that has a problem, but your words say otherwise. Clearly, you don't like this new dynamic. And why would he not like it? He gets you and her? I can see him being afraid of too much pressure on him...
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    Open Relationships - Principles vs Practice.

    Of course she'll spend time with others. The idea is you get more freedom, too. She'll have an easier time, yes. But you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want other women, you have to realize you'll get less time with her during her periods of success.
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    Open Relationships - Principles vs Practice.

    A summary A reddit link that sums it up better than I can here: Sex is not a competition. Neither is poly. Seriously. Chill.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Sounds awesome what you want. Know, however, that the chances of you finding a couple, where you and the other wife, and she and the other husband, both love each other equally, is almost impossible. Inevitably, relationships will progress at different rates. Think of it sensibly. If you...
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    in need of advice - financial issues

    Truly, if someone is not mentally sound, there is nothing at all you can do. You can shut yourselves off from everyone, but, saving that, you cannot stop yourself from being hurt and heartbroken sometimes. It sucks, but hopefully you'll be able to learn to let yourself trust again?
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    in need of advice - financial issues

    It's easy to imagine someone doing this when you experience it personally... Even if there are bank statements to prove to the contrary.
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    "Scaling back" and loneliness...

    If Matt can't pull himself away from that, you'll only get dragged in if you stay with him. Sorry, honey.
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    "Scaling back" and loneliness...

    People don't like to have unpleasant truths pointed out to them, and you're bound to get flak for it. Probably yelled at and accused. But you do need to be strong and stand up for what you need, rather than cater to others' insecurities. Wish you all the best!
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    in need of advice - financial issues

    Is she nervous about pooling the money, and than being screwed over, due to having less rights than you or he? I might suggest forming an LLC or some kind of legal contract to protect her in case of a breakup.
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    Seeing the Other Side?

    I saw this story and, while not exactly mine, resonated very strongly with me. The comments were all...well, I'd like to see opinions here first. "Hi. This is a very long post and I apologise that I can't keep it shorter, but I don't want to generalise too much. If you don't feel the long...
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    Trust- what is my role here?

    *Do I not rock the boat until he's happy again, or do I work on implementing my boundaries because that will make us both stronger and happier in the long term.* Not sure I understand this. At least some of his unhappiness seems to be coming from the fact that you won't let him pursue other...