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    How to help Dh realize he can be mono?

    I feel like being honest and showing disagreement can be done in a nice way. I wasn't expecting people to agree with me or tell me what I wanted to hear. I said from the beginning that I'm open and trying to grow and selfish. Admitting that I need to work on myself. But I feel like that went...
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    How to help Dh realize he can be mono?

    Hi All, After Sagency's first post, DH and I talked a lot and came up with what will work for us. DH may indeed be mono, but that's something he has to find out for himself. What he said before was coming from a place of worry, so we're going to work on communicating and I'm going to work on...
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    How to help Dh realize he can be mono?

    I agree; it's not fair. But it's something I'm working on. I do believe in polyfi, but for me "you get one, so I get one" is not the same as "if I have a connection with someone, I would like the same openness you have, with the same boundaries." I think sagency is on point when working on the...
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    How to help Dh realize he can be mono?

    You way rock. And you're right. :) I would write back responses on each of your points and how I've done that to some extent, or how you totally blew my mind with your awesomeness since I never thought of some things and I thought I was the best communicator ever :p...but I won't ...right now...
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    Glossary and Definitions

    Question about Zee? What do you call four people, where two are sexual and two are not that don't live in the same house? It also feels like a Z shape. Hypothetical: My girlfriend and I both have mono husbands?
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    How to help Dh realize he can be mono?

    Hi Y'all, New to all of this, and figuring things out. I'm bi, and want very much to have a girl in my life as well as my DH. It's hard to explain, but he's the perfect man for me, and I have no want/need to look for another man. But I feel like something is missing for me in the female aspect...
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    Confused and new to these felings, sorta

    Hi! I'm new to this site and poly too! Well, I haven't had an official relationship yet, but I'm a bi girl who wants one of each partner too. DH is okay with it, luckily. You're not alone!!
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    New but a long time coming

    **Update: Oops! Sorry guys, this should totally be in Introductions!! Please feel free to move me!** Hi Everyone, I've never joined a forum so quickly. I found you this morning :). I'm going to describe my story, because golly, someone should hear the whole thing. I'll try to be concise. I...