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    Help with writing a poly relationship series

    Hi, I'd like to see something about relationships as a hierarchy - when one person wants and expects to be primary while their partner wants equality across the board. When one person wants and expects equality when their partner has a lot of other partners and prefers to be 'secondary'. How...
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    Jealousy and compersion, retroactively

    Hi all, I dip in and out of this forum, really want to stick around more. Anyway, I'm in a relationship with Sagan (m, 36), who is married to Rice (35, f). It's both my and Sagan's first time being actively poly despite both identifying as such for many years and struggling in monogamous...
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    Dating site profiles... OKCupid Etc.

    I used to put it first thing on my profile but I sometimes found that it was like a red flag to a whole field full of bulls. Massive influx of messages from people who thought I would just have sex with anyone who asked. So I took it off and just have my status as 'seeing someone' and...
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    Meeting a Partner's Coworkers

    Hi Koshka, From my own experience, I can't help but disagree with those here who have said that people probably won't notice or ask about the wedding ring. I was out with my boyfriend lately and could definitely see people looking at his wedding ring and my hand, devoid of rings. Add a few...
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    Hierarchical vee relationship or not

    Hmm, that's actually an interesting way of putting it. That's given me something to think about, thank you!
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    Hierarchical vee relationship or not

    Hey AspiringChill, Thank you very much for sharing that with me! As you say, not the same but similar, so it was reassuring for me to read. It can feel sometimes like everyone but me had it all worked out from the start ;) I can see that the hierarchy is unavoidable when there are living...
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    Hierarchical vee relationship or not

    Confused, I completely agree and that's exactly what I've been trying to communicate to him. Thank you for phrasing it like that!
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    Hierarchical vee relationship or not

    Thanks for your replies everyone. Whoo I needed to get that off my chest! He does call me his girlfriend but I can’t bring myself to call him my boyfriend. For one thing, I feel it’s a little early for those words even if we were monogamous, but also because to me they are synonymous with...
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    Glossary and Definitions

    Here's one for you: Polykink - Seeing multiple play partners for BDSM sessions, which may or may not involve intercourse.
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    Hierarchical vee relationship or not

    Hi folks, I'm wondering what anyone's opinion is when it comes to hierarchies in relationships? I've only very recently become 'actively' poly, and have been seeing a man (J) for a few months. He and his wife (A) have been together 11 years in total. Now, to me, it's only right and...
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    Hi from Ireland

    Hi everyone, I hope to chat to everyone here :) I'm here to get to know people and hopefully hear some new perspectives. Frankly I'm struggling with a few things since recently becoming 'actively' poly after identifying as such for years, and need to talk to, and hopefully get a little...