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    I need some advice

    well RED is bottom so he can handle it all but he just can see me pentrate anyone but yet he can take it no questions asked i guess that is the way to see it
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    I need some advice

    RED = Long Term BF BLUE = New BF Hi all, So i was holding back a lil before doing this but i said i may aswell ask now. So SEX is what this is about. So for my 1-1 encounters be it with red or blue or who ever it is great and both me and who ever the other person may be enjoy it. Between me...
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    Back to being single / meeting new couples

    I am sorry to hear that. always here for a chat is you need
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    I think im not able to control jelousy

    Hey Kevin, he has apologized and we have talked it out but I warned him next time I'd be very upset since this guy has done it and I'm friendly enough with I'm allowing it with him, but with others he has been warned and I trust him
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    I think im not able to control jelousy

    Basically that is it in a nut shell
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    I think im not able to control jelousy

    Hi all, So I think this is going to be a long 1 but ill try not bore you... RED = LONG BOYFRIEND BLUE = NEW BOYFRIEND So here goes... This weekend where i live was a long weekend and we had a bank holiday. My bf RED left to go camping with his mates (I knew what would be involved) They usually...
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    MFM poly vees - where you at??

    You are looking for a needle in a haystack when ur part of a community like poly u need to try be part of it as a whole not a sub-section
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    Lancashire Couple Looking For Friends and Comnections

    hey guys how are you another Irish guy here poly, 26 gay but i love people
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    Progress was made

    long term Boyfriend = Red New Boyfriend = Blue So on Monday just gone there was Progress made within my situation. Myself and the other 2 decide to hand out at mine and we chilled and smoke and just relaxed and then Red had the idea that we relax even some more so we went ahead with the idea...
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    New Open Relationship

    The easiest thing is communicating this with your partner and being 100% honest as you can. You always can do the trying it out but i mean if u agreed to be open there is a certain levels of trust there. If yo ever want a chat message me. some things here are similar to things I went through
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    Looking for advice

    Hi Zara 2 points im going to pick on here. Firstly: he may be upset at the thought of you with others because he is jealous and may make him feel insecure. I would say you need to talk to him in depth about it and you need to make him understand why you want this and clear the air you need to...
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    Ct couple f23/m25 Unicorn hunters

    how are you guys?
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    Control your anxiety

    so this makes sense even tho we are open and my partner is going having sex it its my jealously because i am anxious of losing them i kind of came to that conclusion and this helps being in to reality