Progress was made


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long term Boyfriend = Red
New Boyfriend = Blue

So on Monday just gone there was Progress made within my situation.
Myself and the other 2 decide to hand out at mine and we chilled and smoke and just relaxed and then Red had the idea that we relax even some more so we went ahead with the idea.

An hour later Red had gone out of the room to the toilet and me and blue started to make out and when red came back in we didn't stop. Blue did get a lil scared but red just said to continue soon red came over and i said to blue doesn't red have a nice ass and guided blues hand to it. Soon after it was clear any hesitancy or fear had left and we were more in a mood then anything. we continued from 12 midnight all the way to 6/7 AM
there was a hg jump made from where we were to where we went.

Last night Blue told me even to we had done this on Monday he is still scared that if he is ever with us and does not want sex and we do that he will feel left out and i aid that "no matter what, when 3 of us are together we wont do anything unless all 3 of us are going to do it" To reassure him that we wont put him in that uncomfortable position. When i went home i told Red this and he agreed that he would also hope the same if it was me or him that we would voice it.

So now that we have this some what sorted i just hope that we can get further into it. I don't mind if this become a throuple or if both relationships are separate. I know i Love them Both and they love me. I just cant wait for Tomorrow night cause it will be all 3 of us again & Sunday will be just me and Blue i get to spend all day with him and majority of Monday too.

Id love to hear anything you guys have to say xx


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That's great that you guys made some progress, it sounds like you had a really good time on Monday, and you have decided how to handle things in the future so that everyone feels included. I think you are headed for a throuple, but who knows, maybe both relationships will remain separate. I just wish you the best going forward.

Kevin T.