Does being under-privileged make it harder to come out?


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Taramafor, if you really believe that a reply to a stranger on an internet message board demonstrates "fixation" then to judge by sheer volume of text it would appear you're fixated on me rather than the other way around. I, on the other hand, see replying to a publically posted message as nothing more than continuing a discussion. I have no idea who you are and don't really care. You're right; It's not all about you.

You're the one that brought me up and put me in a spotlight speaking to me in that tone. Quoting practically everything I had said. Again, of course I'm going to be defensive when that happens and someone talks to me like they're so much better then I am. Or at least that is the impression I got from you.

So yes, you do seem somewhat "fixated" on me. Btw I was using the term loosely. I thought that was obvious.

Perhaps this is just a simple miscommunication. I'm just going to leave this thread be.
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