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Hello Everyone,

Just joined this site today and thought to introduce myself. My name is Nile sh. I am 39 Married Male from the U.K., of Indian Origin. I work as Accountant and have my private practice. I am comfort loving person and likes be at home relaxing with a good book, loads of TV, Netflix, cups of tea and lot of food to gorge on. I am married to a beautiful woman whom I am proud to call my wife. She is 35 years old and of Ukraine origin. Her name is Olga. She works as Receptionist at Bank. She likes painting, nature, hiking, she love getting dolled up for clubbing and parties, and she likes being lazy with me on Sunday's. We are into Polyandry Marriage. My wife have been with some men for dates and more. But nothing more than few months of fun until she met Rafal couple of years back. He is 49 years old matured Polish gentleman who overpowered my wife's free spirited social butterfly nature with his gentle words and strong masculine nature. He is my wife's lover. He is divorced and father of 3. He works as Oceanographer, and spends most of his time around and over sea. And travels frequently to Poland to visit his parents and his sons/daughter. He stays with us when time permits. Also likes to take Olga out on weekend trips, holidays. He likes cycling, hiking, adventure sports, long drives and camping in nature. Like most other we do get some issues, ups and downs in our Poly relationship. However, we try to resolve it harmoniously and move ahead. I hope to hear from other Poly husbands/ wives/ Lovers about their life and experiences




welcome to the forum!
I am Married, interested in Poly, but my wife is not.
I lack Poly experience, but there are others on the forum that will have more experience who will provide you more compatibility.