Hey UK

So all snuggly out of the nawty weather - sounds just the ticket
Tha i' gle bha!
It was a bit horrid in the morning, but at least the slush thing never happened

For me today so far would be
Swizzled, miffed, unwinding
Et Tu?
Oi! That's two words. ( Or has Monday become an adjective + I didn't get the memo..... )Actually, Monday would make a great adjective...
"Hey, how's it going"
"Oh, really? Hope you start feeling Thursday evening soon"
I did mean Monday as an adjective. I’ve no idea how your three connect together.
It was a really bad day, tbh. Chutney = spicy & acidic, then finishing work = marshmallow, orangutan was kinda related to one in captivity, trapped then encaged and treated like a fool. Really wasn't a good day.
But, anyhow...I'll be a little less cryptic
I'd say today, so far, is
Unwound, sedentary, pre- motivated
Mind you, It is ten and my internal clock thinks it's nine, I have stuff to do & I am not sure if "pre-motivated" is actually a word.
How's R others?