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  • It's not anything foreign to me, or super WTF honestly. I know it's not a fetish thing for you exactly, but I am familiar with some of those internal processes from having friends who practise similar things.
    top of every reply window there's a comic dialog bubble

    It inserts a
    the first is the beginning of quote and the other is the end.

    I just click on that bubble then erase one or the other of them depending on if I am starting on their quote or closing

    Kami means God and Kaze means wind. Most people think of the dive bombers in WWII, but it is both rarely used there and is more likely to refer to a typhoo (taifu 大風) which destroyed the Kahn invasion.

    I'll stop here before I begin to get on a role a exceed my limit. The site's imposed one and you have likely not been to confession in a few days, so the sins might be crowding up your mind.

    "yes dear, we call it the Cap of the Pope, you hold it between your lips while saying this Hail Mary's. oh yes there it is, that' she Blood if Christ. Yes I know its white. that is because Jesus's love is pure

    Father Gil with take you over to the Stations of the Cross. I believe you are on the St Andrew's Cross today.
    I'm not the most computer savvy myself, and trying to quote snippets of everyone's responses was actually very time consuming. I am not sure if there is an easier way to do it.

    The Skype nick, oh lol! It came from some morbid conversation a friend and I were having on ritual suicide and I said something like: "I wonder if you could perform a kamikaze while also commiting seppuku," and we both just died laughing at the idea.

    Dark sense of humor here.
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