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  • Part 2
    To. be fair, I will tell you a very little about myself. I was a former professional masseur in the NYC area, with clients like models from top agencies such as Ford and also the NYC Ballet.

    I am a neuromuscular specialist and developed a unique program to teach you how to better control your body without sweat, strain, strenuous exercise or stretching.

    I am a trained hypnotherapist.

    I have used spanking, whips and a large variety of sexual training to intensely mold a woman to be elegant, sexual submissive.

    While I do not degrade or intentionally humiliate, most women experience intense feelings of degradation and humiliation during the early parts of their training.

    I am sure triggering some WTF, but none the less I hope you find it of interest.
    I wrote this to someone else, but made me think of you.

    Your assignment: undress and stand in front of a mirror. look carefully and tell me what you see.

    notice what you consider your best features and why you think they are good.

    I want you to tell me what you think are your flaws.

    I want the flaws to be listed one flaw to a line with a space below telling me what practical step or steps (no more than three steps maximum per flaw and I am happy if you only list a single step for each flaw), steps you can take NOW to improve these flaws.

    I will expect three photographs of your nude body. One front, one side and one back, so I can follow along with what you have written.

    I expect these photographs to be clear, in focus and well lit. I do not need fancy or sexy poses. I want your personal self assessment of your physical body.

    We will move on to your character and skills once we have completely finished this step.
    So how did you choose the skype nick?

    I am looking forward to your posts. Finding that an interesting but slightly baffling thread, but then I am a rather jaded perv, so...

    Thanks for the invite. I am finding I love this site, especially when I start clicking on some of the buttons and find out how things work.

    I used computers a lot, but Macs <read means totally ignorant about the actual working! but big on the theory. I use them mainly to write, design, audio and video and wander around on the net, but it am a man who can enter Large Black dogs and get small white fluffy kittens or pages about ballet slippers. I loved the antique internet when you searched and found everything.

    Now I rarely find what I am looking for. C'est la vie.
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