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    I'd love to chat.

    I'd love to chat.
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    Looking for poly friends.

    I'm always up for chatting and getting to know other poly peeps! :)
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    Louisville/New Albany

    Hello. My name is Allison. I am ethically polyamorous; kitchen table friendly and have been for three years now. I am looking to chat with other local poly folks, even if just to be friends. I am in quarantine and it would be really nice if I could meet others who are being super safe as well. I...
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    Hello. I am Allison. I'm thirty years old. I moved to New Albany, Indiana from Maryland back in January. I have one partner currently who I have been with for long term going on nine years now. We discussed polyamory early on in our relationship and planned to explore it once we had worked on...
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    Anyone near Louisville, Ky?

    I know that this was posted years ago, but I live in New Albany, Indiana, just outside of Louisville.