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  • Re: "Hi, I can't figure out how to private message you, can you PM me instead, then I can just reply to you."

    Of course. In the upper right-hand corner of the page here should be a link to your Private Messages. I have sent one your way, and if you look at it, you'll see at the end of it a space for you to type a reply, as well as a Submit Message button to send it.

    Alternatively, you can use the following link:


    ... which will basically do the same thing (but without the text of the message I'd sent to you -- which doesn't matter because there wasn't much text there to speak of).

    Let me know if you hit any roadblocks or have further questions.

    I want to connect not just sexually with mentally and emotionally in a beautiful 3 person relationship!

    ME:mad:LadyLouise! Dreams can become reality! On the other hand it would be nice to confirm identity voice to voice in order to know with whom we are trying to communicate with? Oh why 3 people and not 2 or 4? By the way, it seem as if you like to be up-side-down?
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