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  • Re: "Yes it makes sense.
    I'm somewhere in between. I can be mono for awhile but I know I can't be mono in the long run. In order to continue my poly life, the ethical way would be that my mono partner would know it, right? and then that would be end of that mono relationship because he can't tolerate it.
    I guess I'm afraid that I won't be emotionally satisfied with my poly relationships. But then I was not that satisfied in mono ones either."

    It sounds like you're mostly on the poly end of the scale. If so, you probably have a better chance of happiness if you choose poly relationships rather than mono relationships. I know that might seem unsatisfying when you've got a mono guy who's interested in you.
    Hi Laika,

    There's extremely poly and extremely mono and somewhere in between. You can be somewhat poly but still live reasonably happily in a monogamous relationship. I guess what I'm saying is, you have to decide how far to the poly end of the scale you are. If you are near the poly end, you probably won't be happy living a monogamous life.

    Does that make sense?
    Kevin T.
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