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  • Re: "Hi kdt,
    I saw your post in a thread and wanted to send you a message because like the one person, I am fairly new and have some questions. I prefer to meet people who are local to me and actually have I guess a group to talk to about things. Basically I have been doing the open type of relationship for a few years now where I left my partner the option to see other women. I recently started to date someone who is interested in men as well. We are long distance, I made the mistake of telling her what makes me unsure about it. It was a mistake because I used the wrong words. We are still wanting to work it out because we love each other. I was wondering, how would I go about finding someone or a group in the Southern CA area?"

    I suppose the simplest way would be to google "California polyamory" or "Southern California polyamory." See what turns up.

    Hope that helps.
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