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    Curious about a Poly lifestyle

    I think maybe Our arguments boil down to semantics. looking for and searching for? One is passive and one is active? I’m not really smart when it comes to these things In my experience I only know that when I was closed I still had wishes and desires but I kept them to myself. When I was...
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    Curious about a Poly lifestyle

    I read here daily and rarely post anything. I’m always puzzled by posts of people “looking for”. My experience has always been that “it” just finds you and your search only involves being open to what life and love bring you. I was a “sister wife” in a closed V for almost 15 years and very...
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    Partner wants restrictions on my dates

    Just as a point of interest and perhaps something to consider when defining “poly”. I have one partner who is 100% mono. Dating others is not even in the realm of his comprehension for himself. However he 1000% invested in our poly family where i am poly but very non open and my OSO is very...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    This is my first reply or comment to anything ever on this forum, but I thought that you would appreciate that as I caught up on your blog my three year old in my cuddle said “they look like cocomelon” lol