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    Sorry for your rough time. One should never play with those you work with in today’s sexual harassment environment. Scary cosequences. There seems to have been a shortage of honesty from the beginning. If poly is good for one, it is good for the other. Jealousy is a difficult master to...
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    Open Relationship Trouble

    I am truly sorry sorry you are experiencing this. A Wishy washy approach is why my wife broke it off with her secondary. First he loved her, then liked her then wanted to be fwb. She got fed up and nutted it. If you do not have the stability in this relationship after two years, it is not...
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    Just a simple hello :)

    Welcome. Read, share, and ask questions. What works for you does not have to work for another. We each have to find our version. Best wishes.
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    Date night snafu

    Welcome. Work has to get done. If we are in this game of life, we need to be fluid.
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    Well.. this is Uncharted territory

    Welcome. Poly hell is many things. As in my case, Ewes husband went goofy and broke all rules, agreements, etc. our relationship with them started in the same way. He started messing with my wife’s mind as well as his wife. Wife said nuff and stopped the relationship. Ewe said nuff and...
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    Hello from south of Corsicana.

    Hello from south of Corsicana.
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    New to this

    Welcome. There are many ways to meet people. First you need an idea of specifically what “this” is. Specifically, what are you looking for; goals, desires, or fantasy. Sometimes, what you desire is right in front of you. Other times, it just slaps you silly. Best wishes on your journey.
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    A little freaked out, but hopeful

    Tow book, More than Two and the Jealousy Workbook. Both are great resources. Talk your feelings and thoughts over with your wife. She needs to know your fears as much as your support.
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    Introduction -- looking for a community

    Welcome. Lots of good folks here to share information with. Best wishes in your journey with your partner. It takes work. Talk, talk, talk.
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    New to Everything

    Welcome. This is a great group that is willing to share experiences. Jump in and participate. Poly takes work, but the experience is awesome.
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    Welcome. Talk openly with your wife. There are a number of books out there that both of you can read. It is important to be very open to your wife’s input. This venue would be a great place for both of you to read and post. Separately of course.
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    Hello from Central Indiana

    Welcome. This is a great venue to jump in and share. I thing you will experience some great varied views.
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    Am I doing the right thing?

    I understand that type of loss. It is hard to deal with. Hopefully, your fiancé understands it is a friend level. It is difficult position to be in.
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    Am I doing the right thing?

    It took guts to have the talk. It will be important to continue talking, in my case 37 yrs of talking. Only you can decide what is best for you, not any of us. Evaluate the pros and cons. If you feel that the stability is what you need, latch on and don’t look back. If you feel that you...
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    I need some help/guidance.

    Welcome. It is important to be honest where you are. Pushing her to make a profile is not being honest with yourself. There are potential consequences that must be evaluated be for action like that is taken. Now you are dealing with an avalanche of emotions. Be honest with her. That is a good...