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    Explorer with big ears. (Eyes?)

    Relationship with Ewe, 1000 miles away, has been a challenge. For the past 16 months, I have gone there or her here for 7-15 days per stretch. Next trip will be the last, she will be 15 miles away. Yes, it is an absolute challenge. We figure we have put 40k or more miles on the two...
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    My boyfriend wants the keep having threesomes but refuses to talk about what went wrong, gets mad when I try

    Howdy. Is he toxic and gaslighting. Stand your ground and don’t apologize unless something is really your problem. While my phone is open to my wife and vice versa, we honor each other with privacy. If one of us has a question, we ask. We talk a great deal.
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    Mono-poly relationship needs support

    Welcome. It can be daunting to wrap your head around that you are not being replaced. Keep talking with each other. While I love my girlfriend, I also love my wife. I don’t want to loose either. You are not alone. Many have and are still going through the same things you are. Jump in and...
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    Timelines; A bit of bragging, and a question.

    Jealously comes and goes. How long for you or me is really not an issue. It is so different for each one of us. Just talk. Work through things and talk done more.
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    Explorer with big ears. (Eyes?)

    Have many conversations with your partner. I have one relationship outside my married. I am in the process of moving her from 1000 miles away to 15. She and spouse get along well. I need to ensure spouse that she will not be replaced. That’s on me. Many conversations have occurred. We need to...
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    Walking in the dark

    Welcome. There are many different paths to choose in Poly. Enjoy your stops here a d jump in.
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    Boundaries around sharing information?

    Our approach is that my relationship with my wife remains between us as a couple. In like manner, my relationship with my Girlfriend (Ewe) is also between EWe and I. Our relationships are stand alone. I will take off for about a week a month with Ewe. She is moving close so it will now be 3...
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    I'm Really Struggling

    It is important the the two of you talk. He has a responsibility to communicate to you and reassure his desire for you. You also need to be receptive of it. Don’t shut him out. It’s hard. My wife struggles at times with my other relationship. Soon to be 3 days a week when she moves nearby...
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    Howdy and welcome to the group. Poly is interesting. It take a great deal of work and commitment from all parties. Read read read. Then do lots of talking. I recommend talk over text. Many misunderstandings can be avoided. If you have questions, ask away. Best wishes.
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    Ok, deep breath. Here goes.

    Welcome. Sorry to see all that you have dealt with. It sounds like you have done a good job in handling this. A breakup is hard, the first one or the third. As far as your son, you prioritized him. Your ex will likely never change. His issues will continue. This group is very open. It’s a good...
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    Poly stereotyping and I made a mistake :/

    You own it. Step one. When needed to talked to Joe about sex with John - step two. We all screw up. Some don’t recover. You appear to have evaluated things well. Carry on.
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    Very first day; very first post!

    I miss Pounds Hollow Camping. Familiar with your area.
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    Very first day; very first post!

    Welcome. Yes I agree that conversation is important. That first one can be interesting. This forum is a great resource. Best wishes in your efforts.
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    Advice on Poly rules

    Spell check attack. 3-if there is sex outside our V, condones are used.
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    Advice on Poly rules

    Background: I am the pivot with a wife and girlfriend. We keep it simple. 1-Don’t be stupid. 2-clear communication and 3-if outside is, conforms are used. in society we have all the laws on the books to cover everything one way or another. But we keep making more and it gets more confusing...