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  • I am happily married with kids and hoping to open our relationship. I have been talking about it for 18 months and my husband finally relented about a month ago - we began discussing polyamory. I have had vivid fantasies about other men all the time we have been married. I am sure I would be a happier and more confident person if I were able to act on my feelings rather than suppressing them.
    We need advice. I have a potential poly partner and am willing to help my husband through this transition in any way I can. He is, in principle, ok with me being non-monogomous, but the idea of me with someone else still turns his stomach. How did you manage to work through this? He feels that his confidence has been shaken because our monogamous bond was something he was very proud of (like a unique gift given to him - now I am trying to give it to someone else). What can I do to support him?
    I might get him to contact you directly as well if you feel able to 'mentor' him.
    Many thanks.
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