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Hi, everyone.

I'm new here, as I mainly roam French polyamory forums and websites.

I recently took to writing, something I realize how it's been missing from my life. As I grow older, I assume my passion for sex even more.

So last week, I started this blog (in French), suprisingly popular, about my past as a former sex worker and my year-old discovery of the polyamorous lifestyle, which suits me very well.

Since I have a few English speaking friends, I decided to translate it all and publish it as a whole new blog. It's an intimate look into my life and my head. It's sexy, sometimes raw, sometimes informative, but always honest.

If it's of any interest to you, I invite you kindly to click this link: https://softheartedcourtesan.blogspot.com/

I hope you enjoy!
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Hello RosieMay,

Welcome to this forum, I'm glad you joined us and I hope you enjoy your stay. I read a little of your blog (all five parts of "My pathway to polyamory and sex work"), it was good, I liked it. It sounds like you had several partners before getting together with your current partner, and like your current partner is perfect for you in every way. It is cool that you have a very positive view of sex and sexual freedom. You have learned to have this view through your many experiences. Thank you for sharing.

Kevin T.