Change in all the areas of my life...


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we ended up setting up the medieval pavilion in the front yard and having pizza and cupcakes and nerf gun battles with MM’s best friend, friend’s brother, and then Knight and Artist and another friend of ours who lives around the corner

FWIW, this sounds amazing, covid or no. Happy birthday to the smol person! 🥳


Life continues, in much the same timewarp (my computer really wants to change that to timeworn, which is somehow also suitable) pattern of this endless year. MiniMe continues to be... well. This year is hardest on him of any of us, really, not having "pixel people" to consistently interact with the way the adults around him do. So he's understandably depressed, and for a kid who was already ADHD / emotionally volatile... that's a lot.

Other than dealing with that though, Knight and I are doing reasonably well. Not fighting when we have disagreements or I get hurt feelings, which is something (actually we haven't fought REALLY badly, since I went on antidepressants, so that's kind of big.)

And Joan and I still are doing reasonably well with living together, plus or minus some level of me still getting used to not being as much of a priority as I once was. Though to be honest I had somewhat let myself be *too* accommodating. I made a comment somewhere else here that I spent more quality time with Artist than I do Knight, and realized that not only was that true but it also worked out (somewhat obviously) that Knight spent more actual time with Joan than me, though I doubt she'd think that. But once I really pointed that out (I had said it here before I said it to Knight) he agreed that we need to fix that, specifically. And we very specifically watched a movie together last night after kiddo went to bed, which we hadn't done in a while. So that's something.

There's only the nagging worry of what happens if the corona numbers keep going the direction they are... I can't do another lockdown like the first one away from Artist.