Children Of A Poly Relationship

We didn't hide it. We just answered questions honestly in an age appropriate way. I've known a lot of people who hide it from their kids and their kids know and don't appreciate their parents thinking they're too stupid to figure it out. I don't think that's a good way to handle it.
Maybe it works for some families but I've yet to see it.
Our kids don't know anything, because he hasn't had a relationship get to the point of 'meeting the kids'. If anything gets to that point, we'll be honest with them, appropriate to their age.
I've always had the policy of being honest with my kids. I don't see polyamory as anything to hide or shy away from.

I'm a fan of age appropriate answers. In my opinion, if they ask, they are ready to know.

I have a 5 year old and a 10 year old. My five year old knows that I have multiple people I am close to and care about, that's all she needs and wants to know at this age. My 10 year old knows that I am polyamorous, and knows the difference between that and monogamy, that both are valid choices people make for themselves.

One partner of mine my kids have met. They know he is incredibly important to me, that I love him very much. My newer partner has yet to meet my kids but they also know about him and that he is of growing importance to me and will meet him eventually.
Our youngest child is getting ready to be 17 and she is like any other goth girl/ /musician kid would be like lol . She is a musician who just passed her audition to go to MI in LA for awhile and she is in a band up here . She is a Joan Jett look alike and enjoys life . We all three were musical parents of some kind . You probably have not seen that we recently lost our partner who raised her with us for the last 10 years of her life ( not SINCE she was 10 , I made a clerical error I could not fix on that post ) and like any kid, is grieving a parent right now. He had a ton of energy and was a big kid anyway . He really took alot of joy in raising her and seeing her succeed.

She has always known she had three involved parents who adored her . We have rules and boundaries like anyone else . We didn't discuss "us" like that in public as it was just our own life . If people couldn't tell then it did not matter .

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Helen - 53 - Legal husband ,Dutch , poly & very gender fluid
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