Cool moment sans jealousy!


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Hey everyone!
I have been feeling really awesome lately and just wanted to share. I had a lot of anxiety about experiencing/having to work through jealousy if having to see either of my partners being intimate with other women... this came partially from a friend of mine not taking my poly relationship seriously and overstepping some boundaries in the past. ANYwho, my husband and boyfriend and I hung out with some new girl friends of theirs and it was really cool! They were holding hands/hugging/etc. and I was p happy for them instead of jealous. It was actually cool to be around other women; it's a nice change from being around dudes all the time. I am realizing that as long as I feel respected and my relationship with both of them is honored and acknowledged then I'm not as jealous a human as I thought! I also think that these girls not being my close friends, but rather acquaintances that both partners introduced me to helped a lot (i.e. not having to worry about my friendship ending if things don't work out between one of my partners and their metamours...not being intimate with my good friends may be a boundary that stays in place for now). Based on jealousy I felt in past monogamous relationships, I thought I had that tendency but perhaps that had more to do with me being limited by my exes from interacting with other men. I'm finding that the poly lifestyle is working for me right now, and it seems all the hours of communication and empathizing with both partners is finally paying off which is cool, everyone seems p happy :)


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What you describe is great. Glad the jealously bug didn’t visit. It is a great feeling.


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Hi mountaingirl,

It sounds like you are experiencing some compersion, about the new girlfriends of your husband (known as Joe in some past threads) and boyfriend (known as John in some past threads). That is truly good to hear, jealousy can be such a traumatic thing to go through, both for the person feeling it, and for their paramours and metamours. I guess what I'm trying to say is, congratulations! I hope your relationships continue to flourish and grow.

Kevin T.