Do Bisexual People Join Poly Dating


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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that encompasses individuals who are attracted to people of both genders, irrespective of whether they identify as male, female, or non-binary. Like any other sexual orientation, bisexual individuals can have diverse relationships and dating preferences, and this includes the possibility of participating in polyamorous dating.

Polyamory, often called poly, is the practice of engaging in multiple romantic and emotional relationships simultaneously, with the consent and knowledge of all parties involved. It challenges the societal norm of monogamy, where individuals typically have exclusive romantic relationships with one partner. In polyamorous relationships, people openly explore connections with multiple partners, which can be deep, meaningful, and committed.

The connection between bisexuality and polyamory may not be immediately apparent, but some bisexual individuals find themselves drawn to polyamorous relationships for various reasons. It's essential to understand that bisexuality and polyamory are distinct concepts, and not all bisexual individuals are interested in or engage in poly dating. Each person's dating preferences are unique and shaped by personal experiences, values, and desires.

One factor that might contribute to bisexual individuals exploring polyamory is the potential to form meaningful connections with individuals of different genders simultaneously. For bisexual people, this might mean forming romantic relationships with both men and women, or people of various gender identities, rather than being limited to a monogamous relationship with one partner. Polyamory allows them to embrace and celebrate their bisexual identity by acknowledging and exploring multiple attractions.

Another aspect that may attract bisexual individuals to poly dating is the idea of breaking free from societal norms and expectations. Bisexual people often face misconceptions and stereotypes, such as being promiscuous or incapable of monogamy. Engaging in polyamorous relationships can provide an opportunity to challenge these stereotypes and create relationship structures that align better with their emotional and romantic needs.

Moreover, some bisexual individuals may feel that polyamory offers them a sense of acceptance and belonging. Bisexuality is sometimes misunderstood or invalidated in both the heterosexual and LGBTQ+ communities, leading to feelings of isolation and confusion. In polyamorous communities, there tends to be more openness to diverse sexual orientations, and bisexual individuals might find greater acceptance and understanding among fellow polyamorous individuals.

It is essential to note that bisexuality and polyamory are not inherently linked, and not all bisexual people will be interested in or comfortable with poly dating. Just like any other group, bisexual individuals have varied preferences when it comes to relationships. Some may feel more comfortable in monogamous arrangements, seeking the depth and intimacy that comes with a single committed partner.

Furthermore, it is crucial to approach polyamory ethically and responsibly. For poly relationships to work, all parties involved must communicate openly, honestly, and consensually. Jealousy and insecurity can still be present in polyamorous relationships, and effective communication and emotional maturity are essential to address and navigate these feelings.

In conclusion, bisexual individuals, like anyone else, may choose to explore polyamory as a relationship option for a multitude of reasons. The intersection of bisexuality and poly dating offers the potential for forming multiple meaningful connections with individuals of various genders and challenging societal norms. However, it is vital to recognize that not all bisexual individuals will be interested in or suited for polyamory. Each person's romantic and relationship preferences are unique, and they should be respected and celebrated regardless of their choices. As with any relationship structure, open communication, consent, and mutual respect are fundamental to the success and happiness of all parties involved in poly dating.
Hello Gloria,

Thanks for sharing that article, that is very insightful. I believe bisexual people do join in poly dating. It makes sense.

Kevin T.
I am bisexual - however, it is not a massive driving force for my poly tendencies. I have seen though that a lot of bi women might be driven away by the obsession with unicorns. It's a niche within a niche. Nobody should feel objectified.
That's a great article and I think hits the nail on the head. As a bisexual man, I can see how the two intersect, but I like that they define them as distinct concepts and not inherently linked. It's all a personal choice along with your partner(s)