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I have been poly for about 3-4 years of my life but I've known I was [supposed to be] poly ever since I was a young kid. Kinda like how someone knows their sexuality or gender, you just know!
My first "real" poly relationship was for almost 3 years, and it was tough, but because my partner was holding back a lot of past trauma and insecurities that negatively affected our relationship profoundly. She started seeking help very late into the relationship, and we just had way too many fights about the same thing over and over again. The relationship was not save-able, no matter what I did. We broke up in June of 2020 and I am still healing. I'm still in love with her, qand one day I'd love to cross paths again, but that won't be for a very long time, if it were to ever happen.

Our relationships "type" was pretty great; She was married, and her wife and I became friends. Her wife and I got along wonderfully, I almost miss hanging out with her wife more than my ex, LOL. All 3 of us were free to date, as long as full transparency was involved. However, my ex and her wife had a new born baby (they were trying before I had got together with my ex, and the baby was born while we were still together. But due to this, it made it almost impossible for her wife to attempt to date. Even though they lived together, she was the main caretaker of the baby, along with other similar issues that my ex and I struggled with that made dating just... difficult for her wife.

So, that's my past. Currently, I am very casually dating a (mono) guy. We met slightly before the break up, and I have been very up front and open about everything. Things are going 'okay' but I am seriously missing the feeling of being poly, I am missing love and romance, and just ....so much. Thanks Covid!

I hope this wasn't too long!
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Greetings AwesomeApril666,
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Wow, it sounds like you've had quite a journey. First to poly, and then to a breakup, now to a monogamous relationship! Is there any chance you might be able to go poly again? Would your current guy agree to a mono/poly relationship? or would that have to wait until Covid blows over? Hopefully that won't be too long of a wait.

Let us know if you have any questions!
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Thank you for your reply! My apologies if my message wasn't clear, I AM and always will be poly. That was a "price of admission" that he had to come to. Obviously, it's an open door for him too, and I always encourage it, but yes, sadly covid has made things harder.
After my past, I don't think I could ever go back to being monogamous and be truly myself. I need other connections in my life, and I'm always up front with anyone about that. Open and honest is my jam.


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It sounds like you have always been poly, now recently you know that you will never want to attempt mono again. Now it's just a matter of waiting out Covid; it's hard to start a new relationship with someone you don't already live with.