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The point of my story-sorry OP for going off topic-is your friend my have different allergies that are continuing him to have eczema.

Thanks, ali. He does see allergy specialists. Just a very tough case.


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Schroed-I absolutely agreed with your post.
I have lived with heroes since I was 15 years old. I will be 39 in a month. Too sleepy to do the math.
But I have never felt mistreated on account of the diease. In fact, I have never pursued a relationship with anyone who turned me down either. The primary reason for acceptance of my pursuit-has repeatedly been, my forthrightness about heroes and willingness to educate and take every precaution.
Which is not to say people should "risk it".
But-precautions do make a difference. None of the people I have been involved with sexually since i first got it, have gotten it.....
And while i generally only talk about Maca and Gg here, there are many others, most of whom I remain in fairly close contact.


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I've been lucky so far... It's a risk of having an active sex life, and not one that can be easily mitigated, except through monogamy (or polyfidelity, I suppose).
We've always practiced polyfidelity, when the ladies brought a potential wife into the family, there was no sex period, until proper testing was completed. Even then there was no unprotected sex until after the wife entered our family. We like you have been very, very lucky in STD department.