My life in boxes.. I'll give this a try


Green has been busy working on night shifts and with entertaining our other two kids, when he is home he keeps himself occupied in his downtime with his online games, and he has gotten into fermenting hot sauces, which is actually kind of great. I like hearing that he is keeping himself busy.

I went and saw Red on Friday. Green and I double checked my car insurance to make sure I have emergency towing and rental car coverage, and we've worked out that tomorrow he will be calling another repair shop that we used a few years ago. This other repair shop has always been better priced than the dealership, so we are hoping it won't cost as much to repair my car there. And with the stimulus, maybe I can get the car repaired and maybe we will have enough money to get started on Green's car repairs too. So with that I decided to visit Red. I got to Red's place and he was well into a project of rearranging his house. So I just jumped right in. He kind of gave me this 'I'm sorry' look when I walked in the door, but I was actually happy to help. With his arthritis, he has a hard time moving some things and I know he had been talking about wanting to do some rearranging, so I had a sneaky suspicion it would come up at some point. So I spent 4 hours moving and cleaning stuff, it just wasn't at my house.... Afterwards we watched a few episodes of shows that Red has now deemed as shows we will watch together (mainly because I can't stream at my house), and I headed home. I offered to take his laundry with me and we decided that on Sunday I'd bring it back. He usually does laundry at a friends house, but because of covid his friend's room mate isn't keen on him coming over to do laundry.

So when I brought the laundry back up today, I hung out and we watched some more episodes of shows and he asked if I was hungry and offered to buy me dinner as a thanks for the laundry. So while we were ordering I asked him to order my son a specific meal and was pulling out cash to give him for it, but he told me not to worry about it. I thought it was really kind of him. Usually it is just he and I when we are together, and we usually always trade on paying for meals we share, he pays one time and I pay the next, or I cook and then he cooks. But this is the first time since I've been back that we've ordered food and while I accepted him paying for mine, I wasn't expecting him to pay for the meal I'd take back to my son. So it was really kind of him. We ate and then sat and cuddled on the couch. I think I've been feeling touch deprived since I've been here; it calms me and relaxes me, I like sitting close with Green and Red and even if it is just holding hands or tangling my feet with theirs. Red rubbed my back and played with my hair and held my hand and we cuddled and that was just a perfect relaxing evening.

I also asked Red today if I could put him as my local emergency contact on paperwork for the doctors and such. Green would be listed as my spouse, but since he isn't currently local, I think it would be important for Red to be contacted too. I know Green would be really worried if something were to happen to me when it is just my youngest son and I here. Red said he didn't mind at all, but then also said, he just always states he has no local contacts on all his paperwork. That was when I was like, "well, um, I'd really like to know if something happened to you. You could always put me down, now that I'm back". I don't know if he will, but at least he knows now, in case he didn't before.


Yesterday, I got a quote to get my car fixed, which was half the price of the dealership. We've all come to the conclusion that the dealership was seriously wanting to over charge for the parts and labor. We aren't sure why, but the part it's self was nearly twice the price of what it would cost us to get it directly from VW, and either labor was through the roof in price or they were charging us for many more hours than it should take to replace it. So when we made the appointment at the other auto shop, it was a relief to hear a much lower price, so I have my car scheduled for service 2 weeks from now (the earliest appointment). We've also done a lot of reading online, and other people have been able to drive around for a while in their cars with the same issue, so it seems like, while it still causes problems, I should be able to get around and back home until the service is done.

We also got a quote for Green's car, and we think we can swing both car repairs by the end of the month. Which will be good.

And today, I picked up Red from dropping his car off at a mechanic and spent the day with him so I could take him to pick it back up. Red's car still needs work, but they are trying to find a specific part from a junk yard, but they told him, he would be fine driving it around for now. Red is going to help me get my car to the shop and pick it up.

So hopefully I can stop worrying about all that soon. I dropped a trunk full of stuff from my house off at goodwill today (so I can make room to take more stuff) and picked up some groceries. Then Red and I mostly just watched the news about the events in DC today. I never watch the news, but with everything going on, it was nice to have Red sitting beside me and chat with about it all.

Topaz (maybe it will be easier to name the kids too) stayed home. Today was going to be a big day, because it was the first time Red had a chance to invite any of the kids over. Since the kids still don't know Red as my partner, but just as my best friend that I talk to a lot on the phone with; because for most of the relationship we've been long distance (with lots of visits on my end), he hasn't had a chance to get to know the kids. They met him before we started seeing each other, but I'm not sure any of them really remember him. So Red, invited Topaz to come with me and bring his Xbox so he could play on 'real high speed internet'. I double checked with Green if he was cool with it, and he said he didn't mind if Topaz went to Red's with me and said he'd probably really enjoy being able to download updates and actually play online. But Topaz decided to stay home. He is a pretty shy kid, and covid gives him the absolute best excuse ever to stay home, which is what he loves to do. So I let Red know Topaz wasn't coming up this time, but now that Topaz knows there is someone we could visit with 'real internet' he might not be able to pass up a visit the next time he needs to download a bunch of stuff at once. (our internet is absolute shittiest "high speed (satellite) internet" I've ever had. I mean it rivals the dial up I had as a teen... it is just missing the sound effects.)