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Hi everyone! I want to introduce myself and touch a bit on my situation. So I am currently a student at a university and I'm going into my senior year. All my life I was raised to believe heteronormative beliefs and never really heard about poly until my junior year at college (currently a senior). My girlfriend of 8months came out to me a few weeks ago as poly and said that she wishes to explore it with our two friends. I fully support her in her life choices and I too am curious about the poly lifestyle. I am just worried because the two friends she'll be exploring with are going to be my roommates because we are getting a place together for our final year. I really want this to work because I see how happy it makes her and it makes me happy too, but I'll go into more detail on a separate thread. I'm glad to be here!


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Greetings LearningZ,
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There are two kinds of poly, kitchen table poly and parallel poly. In parallel poly, you seldom or never meet up with your metamours. That's not going to be possible if you're going to live with your metamours! How do you feel about that?

Well, that may not be something you want to discuss here. Post in Poly Relationships Corner instead, and describe your situation more in detail. In that board, you can get a good variety of advice, from quite a few people. I, for one, will try to help!

Good luck in your poly journey,
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There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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