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Greetings SundayAngel,
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One way you could find someone that's interested is through OKCupid, or other poly-friendly dating site. Another way is to find a local poly group near you, and start attending its get-togethers. You can find a local group by googling "polyamory" with the name of your state or nearest major city. Of course, the group's activities may be suspended because of the pandemic, but there's always hope that Covid will recede, and activities will resume.

Truly, my experience has been that you find someone when you're *not* looking. You just grow a platonic friendship with someone; then, possibly years later, a friendship unexpectedly grows into a romance. This could all begin with an activity (such as a hobby you're interested in) that has nothing to do with poly ... you never know!

If there's any way I can help, let me know.
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There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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Welcome. There are many ways to meet people. First you need an idea of specifically what “this” is. Specifically, what are you looking for; goals, desires, or fantasy. Sometimes, what you desire is right in front of you. Other times, it just slaps you silly. Best wishes on your journey.