Openness and other personality traits (link to personality test in thread)

Finally getting around to it...
  • Openness 90%
  • Conscientiousness 77%
  • Extraversion 60%
  • Agreeableness 75%
  • Neuroticism 2%
I suspect openness may be one of the things that makes polyamory easier
I've had 90% openness and all others less than 50. So you could be right.





I love these types of tests
*Openness- 96 %

*Conscientiousness- 79 %

*Extraversion- 54 %

*Agreeableness- 69 %

*Neuroticism- 27 %

I'm surprised by the extraversion result since I'm very much an Introvert, and score an INTJ-A consistently. I like my peace, and serenity, and my home is a place of zen. I'm not a fan of drama. Then again, I was hurt that badly by someone I trusted, that it took a 12 step group (ACOA) and a crowbar to open myself up. Since then, I've trained myself to be more of an extravert. The Neuroticism number seems to be a bit high, then again, I have my own set of protocols to protect myself from dysfunctional people and situations. I did my own study in MBTI within group such as this, and found out that 5 of the 16 profiles of MBTI represented 67 % of the people in the chatroom, with the "N" (intuitive) being the common dominant trait of the higher scoring profiles of the polys present there.
Something I am always wondering about is whether polyamorous folk I know have qualities that stand out as common among them compared to monogamous folk. Openness is the obvious personality trait that comes to mind. It does seem that polyamorous people have greater openness than most. That could be because being in a minority that are doing things that are socially quite different to the majority engenders greater openness, or people with greater openness are more likely to have polyamorous ideals and attachment styles, or both or more!

I found an article that speaks about this: Are Some Personality Traits More Common in Polyamorous People? Its short but interesting.

Link to a short personality test:

I suspect openness may be one of the things that makes polyamory easier because dealing with the ups and downs of maintaining multiple intimate relationships benefits from the capacity to take in other people's perspectives and ideas.
Openness 92%
Conscientiousness 62%
Extraversion 33%
Agreeableness 58%
Neuroticism 46%

I wouldn't say that the neuroticism is accurate but the rest of it makes sense to me. It seems like openness would be an important trait for poly people.
O - 90%
C - 69%
E - 65%
A - 79%
N - 40%

More or less accurate. Surprised that conscientiousness wasn’t higher 😆
Would have scored higher on neuroticism when younger too!