Post-vaccine dating...


Got my first shot a few weeks ago and the second is around the corner. Excited to start dating again and exploring.

Kind of curious for people in active relationships and people looking for new, what types of expectations do you have in a post-vaccine dating world? Everyone risk tolerance is different for sure but feel poly dating presents a unique scenarios. Some questions on my mind are:

Will people be more raring to go or hesitant?
What does coming in or adding a new person look like in the relationship structure if not closed?
Will vaccine status be just as common to share as partners and testing status?

With already a collective 1.5 years covid trama (and not quite over yet), I am nervous how things might shake out. Solo poly and single during this has not be enjoyable.


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Hi tdh,

My personal opinion is that fully-vaccinated (both shots) people should be able to associate with each other as they would have before the pandemic. But I know others take a cautious approach, they hold that vaccinated people should still wear masks when out in public spaces, at least until the numbers go down. When planning a date with someone, be sure to ask them what their comfort level is, and mirror that. Perhaps they'll want both of you to wear a mask around each other until they get to know you better.

Just some thoughts,
Kevin T.