Prostrate to Soul.

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In my opinion Polyamory is a way of worship to Prostrate to their partner to whom they love them eagerly like God. In Hindi Song I remember this phrase: "'My destination is you, my worship - you are a God - you are a God -
Interesting concept.

I've thought in the past how you can adore others and make them gods in your own world. I think this makes more sense in a worldview where deities aren't necessarily perfect / benevolent but where they are well loved and honoured. I don't think any person should be expected to be pure / good but could be loved / adored as such I guess.

My partner Ocean and I are both from South Asian backgrounds and his interest in polyamory came from Indian philosophy too. Not quite what you've mentioned, more about love without constraint. This is a good example:
There are a few other interesting schools of thought. One is that if you imagine it, you create it. Another is that if you believe it, it's true for you. Or that if enough people believe something, it takes on a certain reality.

In the Mormon church there is a saying: "What man now is, God once was, and what God now is, man may become." A distasteful or even blasphemous notion to some, it is what earned the Mormon church the nickname "the Godmakers."
Satan and the unbelievers do not believe in a god or god - Satan denies the gods or God completely - but it depends on faith. Surely it depends on faith, and faith is one-sided, sacrificing everything, even its life and property - but God is unseen and we have to believe in it.۔ But Satan seduces people and worships them But in the time of a bad man, we must be careful because of his evil behavior ۔ Because Satan has infiltrated his soul - lust, greed, anger, deception, etc. are characteristic of Satan. ‏Many thanks for your explanation and notation.
It seems so easy to vilify Satan, and so risky to consider a different point of view. How do we know that Satan isn't the good guy and God isn't the bad guy? or maybe there are no good/bad guys, maybe God and Satan just have a difference of opinion. Sounds like blasphemy, but I am willing to consider it.
We have turned our attention to religion, which is a very dangerous issue - the devil is the devil - why is he called the devil what is the concept of the devil and God? To know all this, we must study the religious books. Satan can never be a good man and he is the owner of the whole universe. He is omnipotent. He is the realm of the unseen. We cannot see him but we can feel him. He who follows Satan and denies God and His Messenger is called blasphemer.
Well I don't take much stock in religious books; they're all written by mortal humans, and reflect the opinions of their authors. I would rather trust my own opinions. Of course, without the religious books I have nothing to bounce my opinions off of, so I'm glad I've done some religious reading (including all of the Mormon scriptures), that way I don't feel the need so much to read more now.

Keep in mind, polyamory is considered by the religious mainstream to be a kind of adultery, and as such a practice espoused by Satan. This is a good example of why I don't rule Satan out as as good a spiritual leader as any.
It is true that Polyamory is very different from religion - peoples have create their own religion۔ Polyamory considered as a kind of adultery But its followers consider Polyamory as the way to be their religion.
It is true that Polyamory is very different from religion - peoples have create their own religion۔ Polyamory considered as a kind of adultery But its followers consider Polyamory as the way to be their religion.

In Pantheism everything is One. Nature, cosmos, science, religion, history, love etc etc.
We all live in our own real-time videogame where we can make anyone our God when we feel like it.
If I get to choose my own God ... and my own Satan ... then I choose ... no God. And no Satan. God and Satan are just intellectual constructs. I refer to them as people for convenience in conversation, especially since most people are not atheists. I posit that part of the (scriptural) narrative of God and Satan is true ... and part of it is false. Which part is which may be the subject of endless debate. But it may give you some idea why I don't assume that Satan is "the Bad Guy."
The devil is the creation of God. The devil and every man is the creation of God, every creature, everything, and every human being. Only God is immortal, consider it, let it go, do not get more on the media. keep silent . Otherwise it can spread as unwanted articles. So, hide it, do not discuss this topic and if you write, I will be silent. Thanks ..
The Mormon church teaches that there was a war in Heaven. Satan had a disagreement with God. God wanted us to have freedom to choose good or evil; Satan wanted to compel us to do good. So there was a war over that disagreement, and ultimately, Satan was expelled from Heaven, along with his followers.

There seems to be a simple solution to all of that. Just place us into conditions where we will always choose to do good. Surely God (and Satan too?) has the power to do that. He's omnipotent. Heck, He could put something in the water that would mend our brain chemistry so that we would always choose to do good.

Now we just have to figure out how to determine whether any one thing is "good" or "evil." And in any given situation, is there more than one possible good choice, and more than one possible evil choice? Choosing something good doesn't necessarily make me a robot.
There are two elements Devil and God. Satan interprets evil and God to good - so it is up to the believer to decide who they follow. Some people follow what they like. Whoever likes Satan has Satan as his God. Believers and those who believe in the concept of God worship God - it depends on their own choice. So, if I believe on my own hand made sculpture then I have to worship my own lover and we think of our beloved as God and we worship him.

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Well love can be a form of worship. So when we practice polyamory, we increase our love, and thus our worship. Each one of your partners is a deity to you.

I have also been thinking, what would have happened if Satan had won the war in Heaven? It would have changed the entire narrative that our religious books and scriptures teach us. Satan would rule in Heaven and God would have been cast out. And what kind of world would we be living in? As it is, God is in charge, yet there is much evil in the world. So maybe if Satan was in charge, there would still be much good in the world. Just something to think about.
Satan can never win the war in Heaven because he is Satan, He is not God and he never can be God. If he won in Heaven then he never be called as Satan because of his Good deed his attributes. So, why Choose God because he is Almighty, Creator of Universe ، every elements and he can destroy the Universe And he can annihilate the Universe, Saying a word exist and it become exists but Devil has no power to do this.
Well I would suggest that Satan may have lost that war by a smaller margin than we (and perhaps God) would be comfortable recognizing. Maybe God is all-powerful only because He won. Would Satan have engaged in a war that he had zero chance of winning? Something to think about.

Keep in mind that (all the mainstream religions teach that) polyamory is a lovestyle espoused by Satan, and opposed by God.
You still did not understand the real matter. Satan always has its evil deed. This is not a matter of probably, rather absolutely. Why Devil lost war, Satan always act evils deed. Satan do not create the God, so, he cannot rule to God. God created the Satan and God is ruler and Satan is bond to obey and bow down to God. So Satan disobeyed God's command, he did not prostrate to Adam and deceived Adam and Eve in Paradise. Adam and Eve were seduced by him. Was punished until the Day of Resurrection. Satan promised God that I would lead your servants astray until the Day of Resurrection. God said to Satan, "You will not be able to seduce my good monkeys." That is why Satan is misleading God's servants. Is deceiving - and Satan uses all sorts of tactics to deceive mankind. God is against lust and Satan encourages lust.
But isn't one of his names Lucifer, the bringer of light?
The one who brings light is the Messenger of God, whom we call the Prophets, who sent from God to man. I do not know whether you consider the Messenger of God to be Satan, it depends on the concept of believers. Is it God who brings light or Satan? We should refrain from discussing this issue online before any religious conflict arises. I am silent now. Good Bye.
It's a shame we have to limit ourselves on what we can talk about here. This is the Spirituality & Polyamory board. If we can't discuss it here, where can we discuss it?

God says, "Stay away from polyamory, it is lustful and evil." Satan says, "Do polyamory, it feels good. Doooo it." And I am going to obey Satan.
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