Research Study on Sex and Relationships


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Hello! We are a team of researchers from Stony Brook University's Relationship Development Center. We're wrapping up recruitment, but are still seeking a few more young adults to participate in an online study about sex and relationships among poly and consensually non-monogamous individuals.

Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 and consider themselves to be sexually active (however one personally defines it).

Participants will have the chance to receive one of 20 $50 Amazon gift cards for completing the 1-hour survey, and up to $80 in follow-up studies. If you are interested, click on this link to participate:

Questions or concerns? Contact us at [email protected].
Hi StonyBrookRDC,
I am too old to qualify for your study, but I do hope you can get the participants that you need.

Kevin T.