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Hi guys quick question. My wife says she wants to go on “sabbatical” with her boyfriend for two week at a resort in the Caribbean. It will give her a chance to recharge and take time away from all of her responsibilities. Overall I support the idea but am I missing something?
What is it you think you might be missing? If she has explained what the "sabbatical" means to her, and you're in agreement that it would be good for her, and you're okay with her being away for that amount of time, where's the problem?

I don't mean this to sound harsh, but it almost seems like you think there *should* be a problem, so you're looking to create one. Why not just take the situation at face value?
Do you not trust your wife?

The phrase sabbatical over vacation is weird though since sabbaticals are a month to a year long and refer to taking abreak to fulfill some goal by definition. Is she trying to decide whether or not she wants to married any longer.

I take vacations with Murf every year and go away fir 7 to 10 days away from Butch and my children were older
Hi threesnocrowd,

I am just curious, when do you get to go on a sabbatical with your wife? That's the only hitch I could think of.

Kevin T.
Could it be perhaps that you feel as part of the responsibilities that she needs to get away from? That perhaps you would like at some point, like Kevin said, to take a sabbatical together with her?
She’s back

Thanks for your input and thought provoking questions. I think I was a little nervous and maybe even a little jealous. But it all turned out great. They had a wonderful time on the beach and sent me lots of pictures and postcards, brought me back a bottle of gin with their picture on it! I love it!

My wife is totally recharged and feels wonderful and her boyfriend is feeling more committed to her after the trip.

Now you need a vacation!
Glad to hear it all worked out, thanks for the update.