Someone to share experiences and maybe friends...?


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Hello all, I've been in a new poly relationship for only a few months now. Its wonderful anf of course it has its kinda to work out but I love my partners dearly. I've been searching amongst different groups and chatting sights for people to talk to with similar experiences and to maybe find a friend or two. Unfortunately the group chats are usually flooded with waay too many people to get a word or even a discussion going. So I'm hoping maybe ill be able to find a one on one Convo or a small group to be able to share experiences, struggles and just have a person to talk to with a similar mind set.
I like to draw, write, and listen to true crime and watch anime and games in my free time. I'm a very easy person to get along with so don't be shy to message. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Enjoy your day today 💙


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Hey Ellie,

I'm one person you could message privately, in case that helps. Just hover over my avatar and click on "Start conversation" if you're interested. And then any time after you do that, I think there's a way you can add others to the conversation, if you want to. Totally up to you.

Kevin T.